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This image is a half-scale, interlaced, RGBA-palette (8-bit) PNG. Click on it to download the full-size original, which is a 32-bit RGBA PNG (1280 x 960, 3.2 MB).


    Magnolia Tree
    Pieter S. van der Meulen
    The original image was taken in Feb 1999 with a Philips ESP80
    digital camera at 1280 by 960 pixels native resolution.
    The picture was taken with auto-generating-alpha in mind, i.e.,
    the blue sky should be pure and intense enough to do the job.
    The PNG image was generated with the following commands using
    PBMPLUS and pnmtopng under Unix (Linux):
    % ppmcolor -alpha \#526cc1 magnolia.ppm | ppmtopgm |\
    pnmnorm -wvalue 64 | pnminvert > alpha.pgm
    % pnmtopng -interlace -gamma 0.454545 -text magnolia.txt \
    -alpha alpha.pgm magnolia.ppm > magnolia.png
    http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/ for the PNG home site.
    Copyright 1999 Pieter S. van der Meulen.  This image, including
    the alpha channel, may be used, edited and reproduced freely.
    pnmtopng 2.37.2

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