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Greg has an entire page of PNG images, both inlined and linked, for those who want to get their hands on some right away; he also has a page of transparent PNG images for those who would like to stress their browser a bit more. In addition, here's an inlined PNG version of the small PNG icon used just above and on the other PNG pages; the GIF version is 1243 bytes, but the PNG version is only 762 bytes. It's also linked to an interlaced PNG version of the black 256x192 logo at the top of the main page:

(This will show up as a broken image for some folks...
[PNG icon]
...if it does for you, you need a PNG-supporting browser.)

The PNG logo and PNG icons are explained on Greg's PNG-interlacing demo page (which is the JPEG version of the PNG-images page mentioned above).

Here is the 1995/1996-era authors' collage:

[PNG authors]

As promised, it is one nasty-looking group. Yow! Brings to mind the old joke about the doctor who slapped the kid's mom. :-) Fortunately this is only the small, fuzzy version; if you want the big, really nasty one, you'll have to follow the link. As befits a collage of image-format authors, the large version is available only in PNG format. In other words, you'll need a PNG-supporting image viewer or browser to look at it. Patience would be good, too. (It's 1,130,208 bytes long.)

There are three official PNG/MNG mailing lists, hosted at SourceForge.net. (Special thanks to Adam `Seven' Costello and Washington University in St. Louis for many years of support with the old lists. And ongoing thanks to Matthias B. for taking over administration of the new lists!)


Sometime between 12 January and 18 January 2005 the old listserver hosted at ccrc.wustl.edu died silently. As of 30 January there are three new lists set up on SourceForge.net. Due to privacy concerns and the lack of any mechanism to contact former subscribers via the old lists, folks will have to manually subscribe to the new, Mailman-based lists. We apologize for the hassle, but we were not notified in advance, and there was nothing we could do about it after the fact!

To subscribe or unsubscribe to any or all of them, follow the instructions on the linked web page(s):

Theoretically the png-mng-announce list is received by more people than any other and should be used for all announcements of new libraries, new PNG-supporting applications, and so forth. In practice, many people subscribe only to png-mng-misc and/or png-mng-implement.

All three lists are archived at SourceForge (primary site, continuously updated: announce, implement, misc), pmt.sourceforge.net (secondary site, updated once a month, gzip'd), and ftp.simplesystems.org (tertiary site, possibly updated once a month, but with complete set of original mailing-list archives). Note that membership in the PNG Development Group (in the sense of being able to vote on new chunks or modifications to the PNG specification) is contingent upon having first posted to one of the PNG mailing lists at least six months prior to the end of the relevant vote. Also note that you should be subscribed to a list, at least temporarily, to post to it; with automatic spam-filtering in place, moderator approval is not absolutely guaranteed even in the case of valid e-mail. A temporary subscription will also ensure that you see all replies, not just those from people who remembered to cc you explicitly.

PNG documentation has moved to its own page.

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Here is a list of PNG home pages by others in the PNG development group:

Official and unofficial PNG test images are also available, including:

The following are some miscellaneous pages related to PNG or image compression:

PNG is well suited to comic art, particularly the completely computer-rendered kind (as opposed to hand-drawn and later scanned), and a number of web comics are now available in PNG format, either exclusively or as one option. Most of those listed below were shamelessly borrowed from Christopher Wright's list of PNG comic strips:

And here are some third-party web sites that have switched to PNG, in whole or in part. (This is by no means an exhaustive list, of course.)

The official PNG ftp site is hosted by Simple Systems in Texas, courtesy of Bob Friesenhahn.

Here are some other PNG-related resources at this site:

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