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Maintenance Note

The PNG-supporting applications and toolkits pages are no longer being actively updated; for several years already, it's been safe to assume that virtually any bitmap-capable image app supports PNG. Corrections are still welcome, particularly for "repurposed domains" (park-spam), but new applications are no longer being added.

One of the biggest categories of PNG-supporting applications is image viewers; virtually every major operating system is represented. Note that PNG image editors can often be used as viewers, too; they just tend to be slower and may not display as nicely on 256-color systems. And there's considerable overlap between this page and the image-conversion page, since many viewers can save to different formats. A few of the viewers here even have minimal editing functions like cropping, color balance, etc. Follow the links for details. Ye have been warned...

As with the other applications pages, links to home WWW sites or to downloadable versions are provided where known, but if a link is broken, check the location and see if an updated version is available (and please tell Greg!). Relevant operating systems are printed in (parenthesized italics).

These are listed alphabetically, more or less:

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