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Maintenance Note

The PNG-supporting applications and toolkits pages are no longer being actively updated; for several years already, it's been safe to assume that virtually any bitmap-capable image app supports PNG. Corrections are still welcome, particularly for "repurposed domains" (park-spam), but new applications are no longer being added.

Many of the image-conversion applications listed here are also image viewers and are therefore listed on the PNG-supporting image-viewer page as well. Note also that image editors often have the ability to import and export many formats. Finally, not all of these applications convert both to and from the PNG format; the "read-only," "write-only" and "read/write" comments indicate the type of PNG support.

A special note regarding "png to text" conversion: if you're looking for something to convert embedded, raster text to plain text, you won't find it here--you want OCR (optical character recognition) software instead. The kinds of png-to-text converters sprinkled below (e.g., pngcheck and SNG) tend to fall more along the lines of PNG "dumpers," i.e., programs that describe the internal structure of a PNG file textually.

As on the other applications pages, links to home WWW sites or to downloadable versions are provided where known, but if a link is broken, check the location and see if an updated version is available (and please tell Greg!). Relevant operating systems are printed in (parenthesized italics), where "many" is defined as at least three of Unix, OS/2, Win32, DOS, Mac OS, etc.

These are listed alphabetically, more or less:

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