png2linuxlogo is a command-line utility to convert a PNG image of appropriate size (80x80 pixels) and type (palette, 223 or fewer colors) to the "full-color" logo format used by the Linux kernel. That is, its output is a text file that is suitable for replacing include/asm/linux_logo.h in standard Linux kernel distributions (versions 2.0 and up, probably). Note that it changes only the full-color linux_logo[] image; the existing bilevel linux_logo_bw[] and 16-color linux_logo16[] are used as is.

Version 1.02 may well be the last release. Very few people need even this much of a logo-handling program . . .

Current version: 1.02
Author: Greg Roelofs
License: Open Source (BSDish)
Platforms: primarily Linux, but most anything with a command line
README: local web site
Binaries: Linux x86/glibc (site 2) [99k]
Source code: (.zip) (.zip)
Supporting libraries: libpng

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