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Herein lie links to various versions of the PNG specification; the closely related MNG, JNG, zlib and deflate specifications; the PNG reference library, libpng; the ISO 8859-1 ("Latin-1") character set used in PNG and MNG's old-style text chunks; and the complete online text of PNG: The Definitive Guide.


 * PNG Specification (versions 1.0 through 1.2 and ISO/IEC/W3C), Extensions, and Register:
 * US (California) or local mirror site
 * US (Texas)
 * Netherlands

 * MNG and JNG Specifications:
 * US (California)
 * US (Texas)
 * Netherlands

 * zlib and Deflate Specifications:
 * US
 * France (Courbevoie)

The libpng source distribution contains full documentation in plain text format, but the older PDF translation by Alex Yau (1.4.0) and HTML translations by Deron Meranda (1.2.5) and Nicolas Roussel (1.0.3) may be somewhat easier to read online.

libpng Documentation

 * current version (plain text)
 * libpng 1.4.0 (PDF)
 * libpng 1.2.5 (HTML)
 * libpng 1.0.3 (HTML)

The ISO 8859-1 character set (also known as "Latin-1") is used by both PNG and MNG.

ISO 8859-1 Character Set

[ISO 8859-1 character set]

 * Plain text (6121 bytes):
 * US (California) or local mirror site
 * US (Texas)

 * PNG image (721 x 785; 8179 bytes):
 * US (California) or local mirror site
 * US (Texas)

 * JPEG image (721 x 785; 52937 bytes):
 * US (California) or local mirror site
 * US (Texas)

The parts of the PNG book that describe application support are now rather dated (circa 1998-1999), but the information about PNG itself and about programming with libpng is still quite relevant. The complete text is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. (Thanks to O'Reilly and Associates for agreeing to relicense it.)

[PNG:TDG cover image]

PNG: The Definitive Guide

 * HTML format, multi-page:
 * US (California) or local mirror site
 * US (Texas)
 * Netherlands

 * HTML format, multi-page, downloadable zip archive:
 * SourceForge mirrors (updates?)

 * Associated material:
 * Source code to demo programs
 * Errata list
 * Author's notes and timeline

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