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Screenshots from NetPositive 2.2 for BeOS

These are half-scale JPEG screen shots of the pngs-img.html, png-IceAlpha.html, and png-MagnoliaAlpha.html pages. They were taken by Joshua Haberman using Be's NetPositive 2.2 for BeOS. Click on them to see the full-scale, 24-bit PNG images (393075, 344415 and 590522 bytes, respectively).

[pngs-img.html half-scale screen shot (81k)]

[png-IceAlpha.html half-scale screen shot (65k)]

[png-MagnoliaAlpha.html half-scale screen shot (80k)]

NetPositive's handling of PNG transparency appears to be perfect, but the browser does not do gamma correction (note the dark toucans), nor does it support PNG background images. (The purple pages had to be specially modified to use a JPEG version of the background texture rather than the usual PNG version.) It also doesn't display PNG images progressively as they're downloaded, regardless of whether they're interlaced or not.

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