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Closeup of 8-bps Truecolor Textures on Translucent Materials

This is the TrueColor8 Translucent viewpoint in pngboxes.wrl, as seen by Cosmo Player 2.1 for Irix:

[8-bps truecolor/translucent viewpoint in pngboxes.wrl]
8-bit-per-sample truecolor textures on translucent materials

Note that the two pairs of textures on the left, which have no transparency of their own, absorb the transparency of the underlying material. The four textures on the right all have either single-color transparency (see the full-scale screenshot) or a full alpha channel and therefore look identical to their opaque-material brethren.

Click on the image for the full 913x1019 version in PNG format (178k). The individual PNG and JPEG textures can be retrieved from this directory.

Here are the PNG/VRML pages at this site:

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