[PNG icon] PNG Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did the PNG site use only GIFs for so long?
  2. Why is the PNG-logo graphic linked to a JPEG image?
  3. What's the best method for displaying PNGs wherever possible, with another format as a fallback?
  4. What about plug-ins?
  5. Why does your web site say PNGs are smaller than GIFs? All of mine are bigger!
  6. I thought you said PNG was patent-free--what about Stac, PKWARE, Apple, etc.?
  7. How do I make transparent PNGs?
  8. Why doesn't PNG support animation?
  9. What are "PNG8" and "PNG24"?
  10. I just recompiled Webalizer--why does it still say it's running with a different version of libpng than it was compiled with?
  11. I'm using libpng for PNG support; why is there no libmng for MNG support?
  12. Internet Explorer doesn't display PNG images even though your web page claims it supports PNG. What's up with that?
  13. PNG files no longer preview in Windows ME's Explorer. How can I fix that?
  14. I can no longer open or save PNG files in Microsoft Image Composer. How can I fix that?
  15. Why doesn't Microsoft Office print embedded PNG images correctly if its native image format is PNG?
  16. I just downloaded something, and now I can't delete this PNG image. What happened?

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