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Browser Gamma Correction Test Page

Gamma-labelled PNGs (1/2.2) on HTML Colors

This page was created in order to test the self-consistency of web browsers' gamma correction. In brief, if they gamma-correct HTML colors on non-sRGB systems (which would be proper, according to the HTML 4.01 specification), then they should also gamma-correct unlabelled images in the same way. Alternatively, if they don't gamma-correct HTML colors (which also is allowed in HTML 4.01, unlike in CSS), then they should not gamma-correct unlabelled images, either. In the latter case, however, labelled images (such as PNGs with a gAMA, cHRM, sRGB or iCCP chunk, including the ones on this page) are unlikely to match the HTML colors across all platforms.

This version of the page uses PNG images labelled with gamma 1/2.2 (i.e., 0.454545...) and HTML colors for the backgrounds of the table cells. The images will be distinct from the cell backgrounds on a non-sRGB system (such as most Macs, SGIs and NeXT cubes) if the browser gamma-corrects only one of the two. On an sRGB system, such as most Windows- and Unix-based PCs, the edges of the images will be invisible regardless of any gamma correction (unless, of course, the implementation of gamma correction is broken).

  ffffff       ffffcc       ffff99       ffff66       ffff33       ffff00  

  ffccff       ffcccc       ffcc99       ffcc66       ffcc33       ffcc00  

  ff99ff       ff99cc       ff9999       ff9966       ff9933       ff9900  

  ff66ff       ff66cc       ff6699       ff6666       ff6633       ff6600  

  ff33ff       ff33cc       ff3399       ff3366       ff3333       ff3300  

  ff00ff       ff00cc       ff0099       ff0066       ff0033       ff0000  

  ccffff       ccffcc       ccff99       ccff66       ccff33       ccff00  

  ccccff       cccccc       cccc99       cccc66       cccc33       cccc00  

  cc99ff       cc99cc       cc9999       cc9966       cc9933       cc9900  

  cc66ff       cc66cc       cc6699       cc6666       cc6633       cc6600  

  cc33ff       cc33cc       cc3399       cc3366       cc3333       cc3300  

  cc00ff       cc00cc       cc0099       cc0066       cc0033       cc0000  

  99ffff       99ffcc       99ff99       99ff66       99ff33       99ff00  

  99ccff       99cccc       99cc99       99cc66       99cc33       99cc00  

  9999ff       9999cc       999999       999966       999933       999900  

  9966ff       9966cc       996699       996666       996633       996600  

  9933ff       9933cc       993399       993366       993333       993300  

  9900ff       9900cc       990099       990066       990033       990000  

  66ffff       66ffcc       66ff99       66ff66       66ff33       66ff00  

  66ccff       66cccc       66cc99       66cc66       66cc33       66cc00  

  6699ff       6699cc       669999       669966       669933       669900  

  6666ff       6666cc       666699       666666       666633       666600  

  6633ff       6633cc       663399       663366       663333       663300  

  6600ff       6600cc       660099       660066       660033       660000  

  33ffff       33ffcc       33ff99       33ff66       33ff33       33ff00  

  33ccff       33cccc       33cc99       33cc66       33cc33       33cc00  

  3399ff       3399cc       339999       339966       339933       339900  

  3366ff       3366cc       336699       336666       336633       336600  

  3333ff       3333cc       333399       333366       333333       333300  

  3300ff       3300cc       330099       330066       330033       330000  

  00ffff       00ffcc       00ff99       00ff66       00ff33       00ff00  

  00ccff       00cccc       00cc99       00cc66       00cc33       00cc00  

  0099ff       0099cc       009999       009966       009933       009900  

  0066ff       0066cc       006699       006666       006633       006600  

  0033ff       0033cc       003399       003366       003333       003300  

  0000ff       0000cc       000099       000066       000033       000000  

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