List of Figures

Figure 1-1   Original, 24-bit image; same image after quantization; same image after quantization and dithering
Figure 1-2   Portrait with an oval alpha mask against a white background and against a black background
Figure 1-3   Gray text anti-aliased against a white background, displayed against both white and black backgrounds
Figure 1-4   Comparison of GIF interlacing, normal PNG interlacing, PNG with interpolation, and PNG with sparse display
Figure 1-5   Fireworks 1.0 Export Preview window showing RGBA-palette options
Figure 1-6   Example of Fireworks 1.0 RGBA-palette image showing strong banding
Figure 1-7   Fireworks 1.0 Export Preview after choosing Index Color transparency twice, showing transparency (white artifacts) in opaque regions
Figure 1-8   Example of a Fireworks 1.0 image with single-color transparency, displayed against the ``wrong'' background
Figure 4-1   Photoshop 5.0 RGB Setup window
Figure 4-2   Photoshop 5.0 File Info window
Figure 4-3   Photoshop 4.0 Monitor Setup window
Figure 4-4   ImageReady 1.0 Optimize palette for 24-bit PNG, with Matte pull-down menu
Figure 4-5   ImageReady 1.0 Optimize palette for 8-bit (colormapped) PNG
Figure 4-6   ImageReady 1.0 optimized preview with 160 transparent entries, showing artifacts
Figure 4-7   ImageReady 1.0 optimized preview with 224 transparent entries, showing degraded facial tones
Figure 4-8   Paint Shop Pro 5.0 alpha mask window
Figure 4-9   The GIMP 1.0's Lasso options window, tool palette, and main image window
Figure 8-1   PNG chunk structure
Figure 8-2   Layout of the simplest PNG
Figure 8-3   Layout of the second-simplest PNG
Figure 8-4   Schematic of an 8 × 8 tile after the third pass and after the fifth pass
Figure 10-1   Typical chromaticity diagram
Figure 12-1   Layout of the simplest MNG
Figure 12-2   Layout of the second simplest MNG
Figure 12-3   Layout of an animated MNG
Figure 12-4   Layout of an algorithmic MNG
Figure 12-5   Layout of an alpha-JNG MNG
Figure C-1   Demonstration of progressive alpha-blending against a simulated web-page background
Figure C-2   Chromaticity diagram for a particular device
Figure C-3   Effects of JPEG compression on sharp-edged features
Figure C-4a   Second pass (26%) of progressive JPEG, without smoothing by the decoder
Figure C-4b   Second pass of progressive JPEG, with smoothing
Figure C-4c   Fifth pass (40%) of progressive JPEG, with smoothing
Figure C-5   An 8-bit palette image with partial transparency, displayed against different backgrounds