[rpng-x Ice.png] [rpng-x IceAlpha.png] [rpng-x -bgcolor #aa77ff IceAlpha.png]
[rpng2-x -bgpat 4 IceAlpha.png] [rpng2-x -bgpat 5 IceAlpha.png] [rpng2-x -bgpat 7 IceAlpha.png]
[rpng2-x -bgpat 8 IceAlpha.png] [rpng2-x -bgpat 9 IceAlpha.png] [rpng2-x -bgpat 11 IceAlpha.png]
[rpng2-x -bgpat 13 IceAlpha.png] [rpng2-x -bgpat 14 IceAlpha.png] [rpng2-x -bgpat 15 IceAlpha.png]
Figure C-5: An 8-bit palette image with partial transparency, displayed against different backgrounds. The upper-left image is the original photograph (courtesy of Pieter van der Meulen), and to its right is the transparent version with its default background color; both are displayed by Chapter 13's simple rpng demo program. The upper-right image is the same thing with a different background color (rpng-x -bgcolor #aa77ff IceAlpha.png). The remaining three rows show some of the background patterns supported by Chapter 14's demo program, rpng2. (Subtlety was not one of our goals.) (Click on any image to see full-scale version; sizes range from 85k to 378k.)