List of Tables

Table 1-1   Comparison of Typical Usage for Four Image Formats
Table 2-1   PNG Support in Netscape Navigator and Mozilla
Table 2-2   PNG Support in Netscape Plug-ins
Table 2-3   PNG Support in Internet Explorer
Table 7-1   PNG Time Line
Table 8-1   PNG Signature Bytes
Table 9-1   PNG Filter Types
Table 9-2   Seven Non-Animated, Non-Scientifically Selected GIF Images
Table 9-3   Same Seven GIF Images After Conversion to PNG
Table 9-4   Same Seven GIF Images After PNG Conversion and Optimization
Table 9-5   Original PNG, GIF, and JPEG Comparison from VRML98 Course
Table 9-6   Updated PNG, GIF, and JPEG Comparison for VRML98 Course Images
Table 9-7   PNG and JPEG-LS Comparison for Waterloo BragZone Color Images
Table 10-1   Gamma Comparison Across Common Platforms
Table 10-2   cHRM Chunk
Table 10-3   sRGB Gamma and Chromaticity Values
Table 10-4   iCCP Chunk
Table 11-1   tIME Chunk
Table 11-2   iTXt Chunk
Table 11-3   sPLT Chunk
Table 11-4   pHYs Chunk
Table 11-5   sCAL Chunk
Table 11-6   oFFs Chunk
Table 11-7   pCAL Chunk
Table 11-8   Correspondence Between GIF Fields and Standard PNG Chunks
Table 11-9   gIFg Chunk
Table 11-10   gIFx Chunk
Table 11-11   gIFt Chunk
Table 12-1   MNG Signature Bytes
Table 12-2   JNG Signature Bytes